Document Imaging Module

Document imaging, archiving and retrieval, have become an integral part of workflow management. Once a costly option, imaging is now more affordable than ever.

Imaging software enables you to scan your orders and all associated documents and archive them electronically. The Trans Plus Document Imaging Interface gives you the ability to look up an order and call up all documents associated with. It happens seamlessly, within seconds, from within our software programs and from your own computer. There is no time wasted searching through files. After viewing all the associated documents, you can choose to print, email or fax documents automatically, or close the documents, returning them to their archived location.

Competition drives transportation companies to lower operating costs in order to offer better rates. Workflow management including document imaging, helps you cut down on manual labour costs associated with an abundance of paperwork. It's a simple to use and cost effective method to make your job easier.

Document Imaging Interface Modules are currently available for: