Freight Assist

Freight Assist is an efficient, cost effective method to provide order status via the Internet

It allows your sales team, your shippers, your customers or your carriers access to the status of their shipments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All they need is a computer connected to the Internet to trace their shipments. Your employees will be more productive with the time they save not having to answer or make tracing calls. No longer will your customers be placed on hold indefinitely, nor will they have to await your fax or email.

Easily set up who has rights to access what information. Independently hosted by Trans Plus Communications Inc., Freight AssistTM no longer requires you to worry about data security, installing web servers, firewalls, networking costs, Internet service provider fees and connectivity speed. No one actually connects to your site at all. They connect to our TPC site via a link on your website which can be branded to look as if they have never left your site at all. It allows assigned orders to be updated and automatically uploaded into the Fleet ManagerTM or Logistics ManagerTM software at regular intervals.

You can customize on a customer-by-customer basis what information can be viewed via the web site. Fleet ManagerTM or Logistics ManagerTM users can display current truck/trailer positions to their customers using Freight AssistTM. Your carriers can view all the orders you have contracted to them via the web site and can submit the actual pickup and delivery dates and times to you. Once those dates and times have been reviewed and accepted by your employees, the orders are updated in your system.

“Freight Assist – connecting shippers, carriers, and freight brokers reliably, securely, and efficiently.”