Logistics Manager

The professional's choice for freight brokerage, dispatch and logistics management.

Meet the demands of today's brokerage industry. Logistics Manager Professional provides everything you need to increase efficiency, gain better control, lower overhead costs and make more informed decisions so that you can increase your profit per shipment.

Easily see:

  • How much money you're making (per brokered load, contract, shipment, carrier, sales agent)
  • Who's making it for you (carrier, sales agent)
  • Where your money is (in the a/r cycle)
Easy to learn and use!
  • Rate, Quote, build loads, assign carriers, and confirm acceptance all from one screen!
  • Easy repeat load building using copy from master order
  • Access total cost and total revenue per shipment, last contract on shipment and all history per shipment or carrier from one screen!
Powerful and feature rich with strong LTL capabilities!
  • Provides easy LTL consolidation, and de-consolidation for all of your cross docking logistics
  • Easily handles LTL multi-stop sequencing logistics
  • Secure, remote access (for outside agents)
  • Multi-currency

DHL Global Logistics uses Logistics Manager Professional to manage all their land based LTL shipments. They especially like how it helps them consolidate and deconsolidate freight.

Whether your business consists of 1 person, several outside agents, or a large logistics operation, Logistics Manager Professional can address all of your business needs. Affordable and scalable, Logistics Manager Professional will easily pay for itself with a quick return on investment!

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Software evaluation is critical to making the right choice when considering new technology. The most well managed and most profitable logistics companies analyze their needs and compare those needs with what's offered in the software being considered. Although our software continues to evolve to meet customer requests and industry trends, Trans Plus feels that Logistics ManagerTM currently offers many valuable features to make your load brokerage operations easier, more efficient and more profitable.

Base Module Features Base Module Reports Add-On Features Available
· Database Management
· Order Entry
· Automatic Rate Calculation
· Rate Confirmation
· Dispatching
· Load Planning
· Load Tracking
· Multiple Picks and Drops
· Multiple Carriers on
  same load
· Ability to copy repeat loads
· Bill of Lading
· Carrier Confirmation
· Customer Confirmation
· Customer & Carrier histories
· Carrier Profile Management
· Incident Reporting
· Insurance Tracking
· Sales Staff Management
· Customer Billing
· Consolidated Invoicing
· A/R & A/P
· Dispatch Productivity
· Salesperson Commissions
· Sales Activity Reports
· Revenue by Carrier
· Revenue by Customer
· Cost & Revenue Analysis
· Operations Activity
· Accounting Reports
· Customer Quotations
· On-Line Order Entry
· On-Line Shipment Tracing
· Integration to Mileage
  and Routing
· Integrated Faxing
· Document Imaging &

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